You can reach out to Cityplatter Hotline number at - +447899642837

Cityplatter offers loyalty points against every order which can be redeemed while placing any new order.

During a Checkout process, there is an option to allocate your points against which your order value can be reduced. You will notice the reduced prices in the Total order value.

Order once placed cannot be refunded. 

CityPlatter is an online platform that brings together specialised cooks offering simple home cooked meals, bigger party orders, regular tiffin services or bakery items. We do not cook food. We are facilitators for bringing together chefs and customers on a common platform.

The search is Postcode based. On the Homepage, enter your Postcode and Search. The Food options for your area would be displayed in the relevant categories : Home Cooked, Tiffin Services, Party Orders and so on.

If there are no Chefs in your area, we would request you to leave your email address on the screen provided registering your interest. We will inform you once we start serving in your area.

While you place your order, there is a field “Message to Chef” that can be used to specify any customisations that you may want in your food or simply the desired spice level of your food.

This feature  is being developed and should be launched shortly. However, currently, you could order multiple meals in a single order and then use the “Message to Chef” field to provide details of how many meals are needed on which day.

Currently we do not have option for Delivery. However, if there are multiple orders or a party order this can be arranged. Please call us on +447899642837 or email at customercare@cityplatter.com to discuss delivery options.

Every time you order from CityPlatter , you are awarded Loyalty Points. These points can be redeemed at any point of time, in part or full, while placing any other order on the website.

The Loyalty Points can be used for any location served by CityPlatter for any chef that is serving at the time you want to place your order.

The Loyalty Points can be used as per the user’s choice. For instance,

If the total order amount = £10

Total worth of Loyalty points = £2.50

The user may choose to use all the Loyalty points to avail £2.50 off the bill and pay £7.50.


The user may pay in part to get a lesser amount reduced from the Bill amount and retain the remaining Loyalty points for future use.