About us

Ok, so who are we? We are no Superhumans…normal ordinary people just like you ..just like your neighbours. People who struggle to do the everyday tasks in our day-to-day lives. People who get lazy sometimes ..people who just need a change sometimes…

With work and house-hold chores and for some the commitments with kids, you might not want to cook in the kitchen everyday three times a day. But more often than not, you would end up with a meal that either does not satisfy your taste buds or would fill you with the guilt of just not being healthy enough. Then there were times when one person from the family had to compromise on the cuisine they wanted to have because it was simpler to order from a single restaurant.

We have been there ..done that. This got us thinking and we realised that there was a lack of good food options. And along came cityplatter.com. It is our attempt to make your life a little easy, a little healthy and very very authentically delicious.

The home cooks that offer the food on the platform have undergone appropriate checks to ensure that all health and hygiene standards are adhered to. So you can sit back and enjoy the food that you choose to have.

Our services offer balanced meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner as per the menu published by the cooks. These are again freshly cooked at homes or home-like locations.

It was very logical to offer options for the Parties as well…why not serve authentic in parties. And so , we came up with the Party menu.

For now, we are not able to offer 100% delivery across all locations for our dishes. So, please check whether the dish you choose has delivery option or not!!

Hope you enjoy your experience with Cityplatter.com.
Go ahead..Find your hunger!!